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Single page Application with Angularjs, Minimalweb Node MVC and MongoDB

In this post, we have made a Single Page Application with Angularjs, Minimalweb Node MVC and MongoDB.

Brief Background

Lot of tutorial are already there in web regarding the MEAN (MongoDb,Expressjs,Angularjs and Nodejs) stack. Here we have followed the same path, except for the Express.js framework. We have used minimalweb framework for the server MVC.


Minimalweb is a simple web framework with node.js which has provision to support rest api and general http request/response. The framework will only support request/response handling through controller. The Model and Service related implementation will be needed to be done by user. The view can be attached in Configuration or can be injected from Controller.

Some features of the framework –

    • Get Method Handling
    • Post Method Handling
    • Post Method Handling with Upload
    • Limited set of REST Support (Upto Now)
    • Request Parameter Handling
    • Session Handling
    • Custom Middleware support at Request Processing Level
    • Central Request Interceptor Support
    • After Response Interceptor Support at Controller Level
    • Minimum caching support for static file serving
    • Routing configuration through JSON Array

More about the framework can be found in or in
github repository

Features of the SPA in this Article

        • Angular.js for client side development – Single Page Application (SPA)
        • Cross Domain Communication in between Angular.js and Node.js Application Server through Custom Middleware
        • Node.js for server side application development
        • Rest based web service creation with Minimalweb
        • Datastore – MongoDb
        • Node.js MongoDb Module Extention (mongojs)

Reader can download the complete source-code in GitHub.

Architechture at a nutshell

Angularjs Minimalweb Nodejs Mongodb


A> Download and install Node.js from here.
B> To Develop the application we need to install mongojs module for Node.js

npm install mongojs

C> We need to install minimalweb

npm install minimalweb

We have pushed the complete project in github and reader will find the package.json in server project, which is structured as –

"name": "minimalweb-mongo-integration",
"description": "Integration with mongodb and minimalweb",
"author": {
"name": "Piyas De",
"email": ""
"dependencies": {
"minimalweb": "^0.1.8",
"mongojs": "^0.18.1"

So, if reader run the command – [javascript]npm install[/javascript], all the related dependencies will be installed in “node_modules” folder within the application folder.

The Server Starting Point

This class will start the server with listening on some ip and host, connect to our route functionality and router configuration class. Additionally, here we can inject any middleware code for any request/response from this class.

The helper comment is inline within the code.

var minimalweb = require(‘minimalweb’);

// Need for routing functionality
var route = minimalweb.route;

//Need for logging functionality
var logger = minimalweb.logger;

//If we want to middlewares, here we have used middleware to have CORS functionality, described later
var corsMiddle = require(‘./server-middlewares/corsMiddleWare’); //declare the middleware
route.use(corsMiddle); //attach it to the actual route

// routing collection is aquired and send to route for request processing
var routeCollection = require(‘./routeCollection’).getRouteCollection().routeCollection;

//Final step – start the server
logger.log(‘server started’);

Now the middleware functionality

As we have used REST Api calling from the Angularjs application, which is hosted in different server, we needed to implement CORS in the Node.js Application Server. Now, within the framework, we have used custom middleware to implement the functionality. This middleware is responsible for the CORS handling for the server application. Reader can find more about custom middlewares in this section.

Code is below with inline comments –

var logger = require(‘minimalweb’).logger;
var corsFunction = function (req,res,next) {
res.setHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Origin", "http://localhost"); // On same machine here, address
//will be different for other hosted client applications.
res.setHeader("Access-Control-Allow-Methods", "GET, POST");
next(); // After validation for CORS, Framework will take care the request processing
module.exports = function(req,res,next) {
return corsFunction(req,res,next);

The Router configuration

All the path for GET and POST request should be configured in this collection. This is the central information repository, from which the router will be able to find the required controller for processing the request and response.We need to configure any of resources in project, which is responsible for request/response flow handling, through this class and as provided in json array structure. So we have a central configuration file, which is actually handling the flow of application with declarative structure.

var routeCollection =
format:"postdata", methodName:"insert"}

More information and documentation about the router collection configuration can be found in –

Controller Code

Controller is responsible for request and response processing with helper of business logic methods in this framework. Controllers in this framework, can be written in many ways, here we have adopted controller with methods. Below is the code with comments inline. Here we have shown only method related code snippet, for whole class code please refer to the

// Request to get the users from the datastore
MethodController.get = function(req,res) {
// Data Access methods and callback
userwork.getUser(function (err, userString) {
if (err) {
res.send(HTTPStatus.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR,’Internal Server Error’);
MethodController.setJson("{\"error\":\"No Such Data\"}");
console.log(‘content -‘+content);

// Request to insert the users in the datastore
MethodController.insert = function(req,res) {
// class, which is responsible for handling the POST Request body
var pf = new postForm(req,res,__dirname + ‘/../upload’);
pf.on(‘post’, function(req,res,fields, files) {
// Data Access methods and callback
userwork.insertUser(fields.mydata, function (err, contents) {
if (err) {
//res.end( "User not saved");
MethodController.setJson("{\"msg\":\"User not saved\"}");
else {
MethodController.setJson("{\"msg\":\"User not saved\"}");
logger.log(‘content -‘+content);

Data Access

Now the data access code, which is specific for mongodb datastore. Any datastore specific code can be injected in this framework. Code snippet from the data access class (The driver is related to mongojs library) –

//Access the collection
var users = db.collection(‘minimalwebusers’);

//Method to insert data in mongodb
function insertUser(jsonVar, cb) {
var jsonData = JSON.parse(jsonVar);{email:, password: jsonData.password, username: jsonData.username}, function(err, saved) {
if( err || !saved )
return cb(err,’Internal Server Error’);
return cb(null,JSON.stringify(saved));

//Method to get data from mongodb
function getUser(cb) {
users.find(function(err, usersrec) {
if( err || !usersrec)
return cb(err,’Internal Server Error’);
if (usersrec == ”)
return cb(null,JSON.stringify("[]"));
usersrec.forEach( function(user) {
str = str + ‘{ "name" : "’ + user.username + ‘","email" : "’+ +’"},’ ;
str = str.trim();
str = str.substring(0,str.length-1);
str = str + ‘]’;
return cb(null,str);

Flow of the Minimalweb framework (A diagram)

Minimalweb - MethodController - How it works

Now we will discuss Angularjs client part of the application.We had deployed the client part in Apache server.

Angular.js controller

‘use strict’;

var myApp = angular.module(‘myApp’, []); //Taking Angular Application in Javascript Variable

//Below is the code to allow cross domain request from web server through angular.js
myApp.config([‘$httpProvider’, function($httpProvider) {
$httpProvider.defaults.useXDomain = true;
delete $httpProvider.defaults.headers.common[‘X-Requested-With’];

/* Controller */
function UserListCtrl($scope, $http, $templateCache) {
var method = ‘POST’;
var inserturl = ‘’;//URL where the Node.js server is running
$scope.codeStatus = "";
$ = function() {
//Preparing the Json Data from the Angular Model to send in the Server.
var formData = {
‘username’ : this.username,
‘password’ : this.password,
’email’ :

this.username = ”;
this.password = ”; = ”;

var jdata = ‘mydata=’+JSON.stringify(formData);

$http({// Accessing the Angular $http Service to send data via REST Communication to Node Server.
method: method,
url: inserturl,
data: jdata ,
headers: {‘Content-Type’: ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’},
cache: $templateCache
success(function(response) {
console.log("success"); // Getting Success Response in Callback
$scope.codeStatus =;

error(function(response) {
console.log("error"); // Getting Error Response in Callback
$scope.codeStatus = response || "Request failed";
$scope.list();// Calling the list function in Angular Controller to show all current data in HTML
return false;

$scope.list = function() {
var url = ‘’;//URL where the Node.js server is running
$http.get(url).success(function(data) {
$scope.users = data;
// Accessing the Angular $http Service to get data via REST Communication from Node Server



Angular Template and HTML

Below is Angualrjs App Initiation for application which will be responsible for the behavior of DOM Elements in this web page.

 <html lang="en" ng-app="myApp"> 
 <body ng-controller="UserListCtrl">

We have referred the Angular Controller in above code – it will broadly control the behavior of the html fragments and components within the controller. We had shown the controller code previously.

Search: <input ng-model="user">
<div class="span10">
    <!--Body content-->
    <ul class="users">
        <li ng-repeat="user in users | filter:user ">

We have used the ng-repeat tag to take the users data model from REST communication and shown in HTML

<form name="myform" id="myform1" ng-submit="save()">
        <legend>New User</legend>
            <div class="control-group">
                <center><input type="text" placeholder="User…" ng-model="username" size=50 required/></center>
                <center><input type="text" placeholder="Password…" ng-model="password" size=50 required/></center>
                <center><input type="text" placeholder="Email…" ng-model="email" size=50 required/></center>
         <div><center><button type="submit" >Save now...</button></center></div>

We have used the ng-submit tag to send the user data model from REST communication and sent to node server to save in MongoDB.

A little note –

We will attach the Testing for node.js modules and angular.js modules in our next articles. So watch the site for next articles within next few days.


While writing this article, we assumed that user have a knowledge over angular.js, node.js and mongodb.

Reader can download the complete source-code in GitHub.

May we expect a for the minimalweb mvc ?

Also if you find this article helpful, you can connect us in Google+ and Twitter.


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kanken backpack KITIMAT HOLDS CANADA DAY CELEBRATION DO YOU HAVE PLANS?EDITOR NOTE: There is a semi formal arrangement between the two Northwest communities of Terrace and Kitimat. Terrace won hold a big Canada Parade and party festival first and Kitimat wont hold an event on the weeklong Riverboat Days celebrations Day/August first Read expose on it here. Therefore, if you wish to partake in the big festival, Kitimat is the place to be tomorrow.. kanken backpack

kanken backpack This week, the FBI outed Ulbricht as one of the world most notorious criminals, brazen and unapologetic, a man who mocked the police for their continuing inability to nail him to the wall. Best known by the alias Dread Pirate Roberts, Ulbricht was only taken down thanks to a collaboration between multiple agencies including the DEA, the IRS, and the Department of Homeland Security. In their comprehensive brief, the government alleges post grad materials scientist, dub step fanatic, and self proclaimed Adviser was the internet closest approximation of Pablo Escobar. kanken backpack

Furla Outlet You may not republish any portion of the Content on any Internet cheap kanken1, Intranet or extranet site or incorporate the Content in any database, compilation, archive or cache. You may not distribute any Content to others, whether or not for payment or other consideration, and you may not archive cheap kanken2, modify cheap kanken, copy, frame cheap kanken, cache, reproduce, sell, publish, transmit cheap kanken, display or otherwise use any portion of the Content. You may not scrape or otherwise copy our Content without permission. Furla Outlet

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kanken bags This whole thing about the 49ers blocking their assistant coaches from taking positions on other teams, while under contract, has been the way things are done for years. The NFL knows it better for the league not to have assistant coaches jumping ship, moving back and forth from one team to the next, at the drop off the hat cheap kanken, while still under contract, unless it for Head Coach or GM, etc. These guys know very well what the rules are when they sign on.. kanken bags

Furla Outlet At 7:30 pm last evening cheap kanken3, Thursday, January 20, the front wall of the Rainbow Inn office went up in flames. Residents at the scene described it as a quick ignition of fire without any explosion. The more popular suspicion is the large display of Christmas lights adorning the frontage of the office being the likely cause. Furla Outlet

Caroline followed him to a nearby wood where she left the safety of her car and chased him into the woods. She tackled the offender to the ground before attempting to drag him back towards the road in the hope of returning him to the shop. However cheap kanken, the offender, who was still brandishing the large knife threatened to kill Caroline if she did not let go.

Didn get hired for the job. I never get any job. On the negatives while filtering out the positives. In my absence Branch 13 enjoyed a very successful Riverboat Days. We would cheap kanken, however, like to extend our apologies to any of you folks who missed out on the bar b que following the parade. It is always difficult to gauge how much product is required and we ran out far too early.

kanken backpack Stewart Director David Ryder thanked Gottschling as he had addressed his first questions. “Back when I was playing hockey there, one of the guys who played hockey was a corporal with the RCMP. He was watching the 6:00 news and there was his house in Chilliwack that was raided for a grow op. kanken backpack

kanken sale The report is the latest update of the government’s troubled fiscal picture. It lands in a capital that has proven chronically unable to address it. Trump has declared benefit cuts to the nation’s signature retirement programs off limits and many Democratic presidential candidates are calling for expanding Medicare benefits rather than addressing the program’s worsening finances.. kanken sale

kanken backpack Councillor LeClerc asked about the impact of the recently announced loss of the Highway 37 power line extension and of Galore Creek shutting down. Penney replied that with the gas they would have their own power generating plant. They actually hoped to provide companies like Galore Creek with the power to develop their operations she explained.. kanken backpack

Furla Outlet Opponents say that Hydro Quebec may divert hydropower now going to Ontario and New York state into the CMP line, increasing carbon based generation in New York and Ontario. Both have strict green power portfolio requirements: New York is committed to 100 percent green power by 2040, and Ontario currently has 94 percent green power. Assuming Hydro Quebec tried to divert hydro from New York and Ontario, their green power requirements would keep them from replacing hydro with carbon generation Furla Outlet.

And, a little bit like Rossie comment, I like that we always

A muffled giggle came from Evangeline Jenner wholesale sex toys5, who lifted a gloved finger to push back a vivid red curl that had fallen over her forehead. The smile made her round blue eyes sparkle and her cheeks turn pink beneath a scattering of gold freckles. It seemed that a sudden sense of kinship had temporarily caused her to forget her shyness.

male fleshlight They are white, so watch out with staining. Bleach or iron can’t be used on them. I wash them out with cold water and then air dry them. I wish they understood I am a sexual person. I wish they respected my choices and treated me more like a person who is beginning to have autonomy over my life wholesale sex toys2, take responsibility for my choices wholesale sex toys, and dictating the values I will life by. I wish that through this phase of my life, the phase where I am figuring out who I am, that they would guide me through it by using their own life experience, instead of saying only their life experience is valid/good.. male fleshlight

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male sex toys An example of this is Sliquid Silk. It lists it as a water based lubricant wholesale sex toys, not a hybrid lubricant, and yet it has dimethicone in it so it not safe for silicone toys. I think that page should be updated, actually, because not everyone is knowledgeable of thisi guess i should have asked this question a couple days ago i bough a new toy a few days ago and i made sure i checked what material it was made of and what it kind of lube it would work with and when i looked on the package and it says that its noti guess i should have asked this question a couple days ago i bough a new toy a few days ago and i made sure i checked what material it was made of and what it kind of lube it would work with and when i looked on the package and it says that its not compatible with the lube i bough. male sex toys

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male fleshlight I do have activities to try and take my mind off things, but inevitably the thoughts pop up in my quiet moments. Maybe I’ll try more exercise and hope that helps. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional male fleshlight.

I spent even more hours getting everybody telephone number

Many of you are probably familiar with this technology now wholesale jerseys from china0, but it was relatively new 10 years ago. You recorded your message and the computer automatically called people on the phone and left messages for them on their answer machines.I spent countless hours writing and recording the perfect message. I spent even more hours getting everybody telephone number inputted into the computer and I was ready.

wholesale jerseys from china Conniff, Roaring Brook Twp.; Elizabeth S. Cosgrove, Dunmore; Perry D. Cross, Jefferson Twp.; Nicole A. Indeed, when Pratt explained the process during a BuzzFeed Brews with CBS This Morning interview on Wednesday Cheap Jerseys free shipping Cheap Jerseys from china, he called Gunn performance ultimately a “thankless” one. “When I talking to Rocket and the magic is happening, I looking somebody in the eyes that when Sean Gunn would come in,” said Pratt. “He would do the dramatic work for Rocket so that the interaction seemed real, the moments that needed to be emotionally resonant. wholesale jerseys from china

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How ever she used me and is now another one that has broken my

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fleshlight toy After using the Pure Wand for a few minutes it was time for the Rocket. More lube to play it safe first, though. With its pointed missle head leading the way, in it went. Another got hot sauce on his tongue for being fresh with me. And I don mean just any ol hot sauce. I have a special hot sauce that is just a crazy intense feeling. fleshlight toy

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male fleshlight So halfway around Lake Mich we snapped the clutch cable. We got to a service station I think it was Stevensville and called Roger sex toys sex toys, who wasn’t thrilled sex toys, but said he’d come a give us a hand the next day. We pitched a tent behind some outbuilding, and when we crawled out around seven the next morning, Roger already had Kristina’s piece of shit bike on a trailer male sex toys, and he drove us into Chicago. male fleshlight

sex toys Although the idea of not having a retrieval cord may be disconcerting sex toys, the balls cannot get lost in the vagina sex toys, and they are not hard to remove. The bottom ball (or only ball sex toys, if you’re using just one) can be removed by squatting or bending over and gently bearing down until the ball is in reach; you can hook it out with your finger or bear it out into your hand. The second ball will be in higher if you stand up and move around a bit, the ball will drop, and then it can be removed the same way the first ball was.. sex toys

dog dildo The wrist cuffs: They are made of white satin with a black sewed on button. The same button on the skirt. The buttons are not actually to be used because they are held together by velcro. I feel like if I worry about it I have more control over my body? I decided not to take plan b and I’m sticking with it. I do understand I have no risk at all with what i did but I just don’t think I’m allowed to let this go even though i want to so bad. I’m so confused and beaten down dog dildo.