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But all this is past. March 30 will be a new day just like March 25, when the law of averages caught up with Australia as India defeated the defending world champions convincingly in a World Cup match after a gap of 24 years. The same can happen on March 30, too..

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It makes it even harder to ascertain each persons place in the

There are really no songs that would cater to that crowd on Testing. I find it kind of hard to imagine that the same mainstream crowd that make songs like Gods Plan blow up would really bump songs like OG Beeper or A$AP Forever, maybe Praise Da Lord if it had the right kind of exposure and hype. Still, 74k is pretty low, I would have thought he would have hit 100, I thoroughly enjoyed Testing and am I little surprised that so many people didn But the Pusha and Drake fiasco really shoved him under the rug, and his 3 year detour to do all is artsy fashion shit really kind of killed his hype outside of hip hop circles, but again, he wouldn have done it if thats not what he wanted out of his career.

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After class you check your phone and see a rejection email

Keep a hermes kelly bag replica patch of lawn off limits to your dog. Or put a blanket or towel between your skin and the ground; natural fibers such as cotton and wool do not interfere with grounding. You can even wear leather soled shoes. Hunger StrikesIn July, 1909, Marion Dunlop, an imprisoned suffragette, refused to eat. high quality hermes birkin replica Afraid that she might die and become a martyr, it was decided to release her. Soon afterwards other imprisoned suffragettes adopted the same strategy.

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Of the five purveyors from which they source their dozen cuts

He spent the 2017 18 NBA season as a two way player for the Sixers, spending most of his time on the floor for the Delaware 87ers in the G League. Korkmaz averaged 15.4 points per game and was an abysmal 19.4 percent shooting from long range in nine games. For the Sixers, Korkmaz saw limited action in 14 games, and shot 28 percent from the field on 28 total attempts..

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If you live in a state that requires safety inspections

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Node.js Unit Testing with Should.js

One of node.js unit testing javascript library is should.js.
After having node.js in machine, we have to install should.js through npm(node package manager).

To install should.js we need to run in terminal –

npm install should

To enable should.js in any given javascript file, we have to include –


Some of the testing which are one-liner –

Boolean variable functionality testing –;;;



Checking array functionalities –


[]; // Array is empty

[1,2,3].should.eql([1,2,3]); // Array contains same values as expected

[1, 2, 3].should.have.length(3); // Array length checking

[1,2,3].should.containEql(1); // The Array contains value as expected

[]; // Instance of an array

Checking of some string functionalities –


''; // Empty String

'foobar'.should.endWith('bar'); // String end with some expected string

'foobar'.should.not.endWith('foo'); // String should not end with some expected string

'test'.should.equal('test'); // String equality checking

Checking of some number functionalities –




(15), 15);


Undefined and Infinity checking –


(undefined + 0);



JSON functionalities checking –


({ foo: 'bar' }).should.eql({ foo: 'bar' }); // JSON Equality checking

({}); // An Object

var jsonVar = {a:1, b:2};'a'); // JSON Property Checking

var obj = { foo: 'bar', baz: 'raz' }; 

(obj).should.containEql({ foo: 'bar', baz: 'raz' }); // JSON contains the expected value

obj.should.have.keys('foo', 'baz'); // JSON has the keys

obj.should.have.keys(['foo', 'baz']);

Function should throw the error –


  throw new Error('fail');

var user = {
    name: 'tj'
};'name', 'tj');

To test functionalities independently with ‘Describe’, we have to intstall automatic test runner. Here mocha is a automatic test runner and it will run the tests and show the results in console.

Now we need to install mocha –

npm install -g mocha

Now the function for Testing –


function sumTwoNumbers(firstNum,secondNum)
	return (parseInt(firstNum) + parseInt(secondNum));

To test this function, we need to run –
mocha shouldexplore.js which is the name for the test case file.
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canada goose jakke herre Hvis du liker psytrance og goa, anbefaler jeg Shankra Festival i Sveits. Det er en mindre, nyere hendelse, men vibes er stor og beliggenheten er BREATHTAKING. Også det bare om $ 100 dollar for 4 dager med festival! canada goose jakke herre

Jeg vet at du sa at du foretrekker at det er i Tyskland, men det er ganske billig å reise rundt i Europa (sammenlignet med USA), så det kan være lett å komme til disse!

canada goose canada goose dunjakke victoria parka (Stol på meg, lol jeg fra Europa) canada goose victoria parka

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canada goose dame Jeg elsker retningen Insomniac tok for Nocturnal og dro bort fra ost meh EDM som har blitt overdrevet i nesten 6 år nå. De grusomme og dype greiene canada goose outlet norge virker mye mer egnet for Escape og Beyond anywayLot frisk talent og noen få store navn for kjennskap gjør dette til den perfekte festivalen for meg canada goose dame

canada goose norge En rask (ufullstendig) rundown for folk som ikke gjenkjenner mange artister på regningen, men vil sjekke dem ut: canada goose norge

Fremtidig basschet porter, daktyl, elektriske mantis, falker, bare en gent, (tidlig) kd, nøkler canada goose norge nettbutikk ekte n krates, krane, punktpunkt, i motsetning til pluto, vindata

canada goose salg Trap champagne drypp, falker, gta, quix, krane, nøkler n canada goose salg krates, i motsetning til pluto canada goose salg

canada canada goose billig goose jakker dame 110 130 bpm housey / tech ish ting billy kenny, bijou, claptone, dombresky, dr fresch, haywyre, (nåværende) k? D canada goose jakker dame

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canada goose jakker herre Syv Lions Jeg oppdaget ham for første gang på Escape 2015 og siden da har jeg vært besatt. Jeg kjenner hver eneste sang av ham. Hans musikk trekker på hjerte strenger. Og han fikk også fantastiske bilder. Han bare en av mine favoritter lol. canada goose jakker herre

Netsky Jeg har aldri sett dem før, så jeg er veldig spent. Netsky var noen av de første elektroniske musikkene jeg noen gang kom inn i og ble forelsket i, så å kunne se dem ville bety verden for meg.

Brennan Heart Den fyren som fikk meg til hardstyle og hard dans generelt! Overraskende har jeg aldri sett ham leve heller. Jeg er så spent: D Jeg canada goose i norge elsker hans musikk så mye. Ganske sikker på at jeg tilbringer mesteparten av dagen på Q dansetrinnet uansett 🙂

canada goose outlet Snegler Sett ham bare en gang før, og det var mye moro! Pluss jeg liker headbanging å dubstep. canada goose outlet

canada canada goose norge nettbutikk goose Også spent på Angerfist, Coone, Da Tweekaz, Pegboard Nerds, Slushii, Gareth Emery, og noen flere. canada goose

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Syv Lions Jeg oppdaget ham for første gang på Escape 2015 og siden da har jeg vært besatt. Jeg kjenner hver eneste sang av ham. Hans musikk trekker på hjerte strenger. Og han fikk også fantastiske bilder. Han bare en av mine favoritter lol.

Netsky Jeg har aldri sett dem før, så jeg er veldig spent. Netsky var noen av de første elektroniske musikkene jeg noen gang kom inn i og ble forelsket i, så å kunne se dem ville bety verden for meg.

Brennan Heart Den fyren som fikk meg til hardstyle og hard dans generelt! Overraskende har jeg aldri sett ham leve heller. Jeg er så spent: D Jeg elsker hans musikk så mye. Ganske sikker på at jeg tilbringer mesteparten av dagen på Q dansetrinnet uansett 🙂

canada goose jakke Snegler Sett ham bare en gang før, og canada goose jakke det var mye moro! Pluss jeg liker headbanging å dubstep. canada goose canada goose norge forhandler jakke

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Husk at hvis du ender med å ha mye sminke. Å ta det av på slutten av hver dag vil trolig være en smerte, spesielt hvis du er lat som meg. Og å krasje med det fremdeles er en dårlig ide, med mindre du liker å ha tørr hud og tilfeldig kviser T_T jeg lærte av erfaring lol. Jeg har vært på mange festivaler, og i dag er alt jeg har på meg, useful content canada goose norge primer, gel eyeliner (holder bedre enn andre typer eyeliner!), Vanntett mascara og veldig lite fundament. Hvis du vil at huden din skal se fantastisk ut med liten innsats og ingen produkter, er den beste måten canada goose jakke oslo å drikke mye vann i ukene før arrangementet og spise sunnere! Å utvikle en hudpleie rutine vil også hjelpe, spesielt siden du fortsatt har litt tid til TL. Åh glem ikke å ha solkrem på ansiktet ditt også! Siden du sannsynligvis er i solen hele dagen på canada goose norge arrangementet.

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Begynn å trene litt hver dag. Først blir du sår og sannsynligvis vant å kunne gå veldig lenge (med mindre du er i god form), og det er greit. Ta pauser, drikk litt vann, og gå tilbake til å praktisere når du har nok energi. Begynn å lære Running Man først, ta det ned, og gå inn i T-trinnet. Fortsett å øve hver dag (det er 5 minutter, 10 minutter, 20 minutter, det spiller ingen rolle). Finn sanger å blande seg til, det gjør det mer moro. Se om du har venner som shuffle og spør dem om tips også. Pass på at skjemaet ditt er korrekt ved å se videoer på Youtube. Ha det gøy.

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This week, after CBS2’s reports, repairs are finally being

Another point to consider is always look at the breed of the dog. It goes without saying that the breed of dog will affect the outcome and efficiency of your training program. official canada goose outlet Dogs will have natural traits built into their breed and will affect their behavior.

canada goose black friday sale Camping is a very interesting outdoors leisure activity. By going out into nature for camping, it not only gives you a chance to unwind and relax, but it can also help you learn some life skills. Out of the various forms of camping, car camping is best suited for a family camping outing. canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose coats on sale Pinot Grigio brands are one of the most popular varieties of wine. Recent statistics indicate that more than 17.35 million bottles of the white wine were sold in a three month period in the United States. It is also the most popular wine imported by the United States accounting for 12 percent of all wine canada goose outlet official imports last year. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket Water prickly pear during the summer for the first year it’s in place. After it’s established, it is drought tolerant and usually doesn’t need supplemental watering. Cactuses will grow faster with additional water in spring and summer, but this isn’t needed, especially if space is limited. canadian goose jacket

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Contested at the 8,000 seat Gangneung Oval, the mass start was

start speedskating debut yields gold for hosts

Imagine taking this tradition steeped sport, scrambling its rules and revamping its format for maximum mayhem. The result would uk canada goose outlet look a lot like the Canada Goose sale mass start event that made its Olympic debut canada goose clearance sale Saturday at the Gangneung Oval: speedskating spiced with a touch of Tour de France, Formula One and NASCAR. speedskating’s Joey Mantia figured to be a strong contender. But for a canada goose clearance second consecutive night, he fell just short canada goose uk black friday of the Canada Goose Outlet podium and leaves his second Winter Olympics without a medal and plenty of “what ifs” about preparation and luck.”It’s the woulda, shoulda, coulda, where you analyze what happened and what you can do moving forward,” said Mantia, who was fourth across the finish but officially ended up ninth based on the event’s complicated scoring system. canada goose uk outlet “I was a little tired after the [semifinal] and tried to play safe. Three laps in tried to push, and Canada Goose Parka my legs cramped. I just didn’t have it. I felt okay, felt really good before.”[Barry Svrluga: Four more years? Olympians confront life after the Olympics.]South Korea’s Lee Seung Hoon was the wildly popular canadian goose jacket gold medal winner. Belgium’s Bart Swings took silver, and Koen Verweij canada goose coats of the Netherlands earned the bronze.In the women’s event, neither Heather Bergsma nor Mia Manganello added to the bronze each American won canada goose outlet in the team pursuit. Bergsma finished 11th in the mass start, while Manganello, who provided drafting help much of the race, was 15th.Japan’s Nana Takagi won gold. South Korea’s Kim Bo Reum, the reigning world champion, took silver. Irene Schouten of the Netherlands got the bronze.Contested at the 8,000 seat Gangneung Oval, the mass start was the final speedskating event of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. Speedskating concluded a slightly improved but ultimately disappointing Winter Games, earning just two medals: bronze in women’s team pursuit and John Henry Krueger’s silver in the men’s 1,000 meter short track event. long track speedskater won a medal and the Americans earned canada goose factory sale only short track silver. high performance director, said he drew encouragement from the results in PyeongChang.”Yes, we missed a few” medal chances, Thibault said. “But everybody came here to skate their best. The results [Friday in the men’s 1,000 meters] were actually impressive. We missed the podium again, but three guys skated their best of their season.”Mantia finished fourth in the 1,000 meters; Shani Davis was seventh and Mitchell Whitmore 10th.”I have to be pleased with where we are,” Thibault said. “Could we get more [medals]? Yes. Speedskating had made strides since Sochi, where American canada goose uk shop skaters blamed their struggles on friction with the sport’s administration, an ill advised decision to train at altitude for a sea level competition and futuristic Under Armour racing suits introduced at the last canada goose coats on sale minute with which they weren’t familiar.”All in cheap canada goose uk all, our vibe was just better,” Mantia said Canada Goose online of this Olympic experience. “We went back and looked at all the things that were wrong… Every factor we thought was limiting in Canada Goose Jackets Sochi, we changed.”Mantia entered Saturday’s mass start as the event’s reigning world champion and a favorite. And his strategy was to conserve his energy early so he would be fresh for a medal charge at the end.The Olympic mass start event begins with 24 skaters divided into two semifinals. The top eight finishers in each advance to the 16 skater final.The buy canada goose jacket cheap race format tests endurance and explosiveness. Both the semifinal and final are 16 laps, amounting to 6,400 meters. After three, half tempo, largely single file laps, skaters start dicing for position. A bell clangs on Lap 4, cheap Canada Goose and skaters burst into the canada goose black friday sale first of four sprints that start on Laps 4, 8 and 12 and heading into the finish.Tactically, almost anything goes: Skaters can push, pull or nudge one another to canada goose get to the front.In Mantia’s case, he dropped toward the rear of the 16 man pack in the early going. He inched up to 10th on Lap 10. Then, with three to go, he made his move. But instead of firing, his leg muscles cramped.

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